Contract Drafting & Review

Even on the most basic level a contract is an agreement giving rise to obligations which are enforced or recognised by law.

Parties to a contract are more likely to understand and comply with their obligations if they are clear, unambiguous and carefully expressed in writing. Taking a short cut at this stage, by agreeing a deal on the back of an envelope, moves things on but may lead to disputes and more expense down the line.

What can Elemental Provide?

Elemental will provide the client with the guidance and advice so that their contract is clear and achieves its business objectives. Elemental can meet with your company and address their contractual requirements. If you do not operate bespoke company terms and conditions then these can be drafted accordingly. Elemental draft and negotiate key contractual terms, if you are entering a contract on terms you have not properly considered or understand then it is highly probable you will breach that contract. Elemental will undertake a review of the terms of your contract and ensure you have procedures in place to meet your obligations and do not lose any entitlement under the terms. This service if a cost effective way of avoiding disputes and preparing your team to administer the contract correctly.