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Elemental Contract Consultants, providing effective advice to the construction industry.

Elemental Consultants are an established multi-disciplinary practice of Chartered Quantity Surveyors, Building Surveyors and Engineers with legal expertise that specialise in Construction Contract Claims and Dispute Resolution. With offices in Belfast, Dublin and Galway we are well placed to meet the needs of our clients throughout Ireland and the UK.

With more than 15 years of experience resolving construction related disputes, Elemental can provide the best representation available to clients involved in any dispute resolution process including Adjudication, Mediation, Conciliation or Arbitration. Drawing upon first-hand knowledge and experience, Elemental can provide a range of services to clients involved in any capacity in the construction industry. Some of the key services we have been delivering to the industry are outlined below.

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  • Adjudication & Payment Disputes -Ireland

    Any Contract for construction operations entered into after 25 July 2016 will now be subject to statutory provisions to improve payment procedures and allow contracting parties the right to refer payment disputes to adjudication. You can seek the best advice on your contract and payment disputes at Elemental. More about Adjudication Ireland

  • mediation
    Construction Mediation

    Mediation is a voluntary, non-binding process entered into by the mutual agreement of disputing parties whereby a neutral third party (the Mediator) is appointed to manage the process in order to guide the parties toward a resolution through effective communication and principled negotiation. more about Mediation

  • adjudication
    Construction Adjudication

    Adjudication is by its very nature a speedy process and as such the parties to this process must comply with certain timeframes that, if they are not met may compromise the jurisdiction of the adjudicator. more about our Adjudication service

  • training for construction law

    Elemental can offer tailored seminars and workshops to address any construction contractual issue that your company may consider appropriate. Regular training will avoid fatal errors and ensure proper management of risks.  More about our Training service